Urinetown - Palo Alto Players
"In Officer Lockstock's dual functions as the show's narrator and the long, truncheon-
wielding arm of the law, Weston sets the show's tone and rhythm with precision. With his
rich voice and erect bearing, Weston can be menacing, charming, and wildly funny at the
same time.

Urinetown is the must-see show in Palo Alto's diamond anniversary season."  Kevin Kirby,
Palo Alto Weekly
"The Palo Alto Players' production of Urinetown, The Musical at the Lucie Stern Theater
in Palo Alto is one of the best musicals of recent years.  It can be reviewed with one word:

Terrific staging by director Greg Schuh, terrific set by Kuo-Hao Lo...terrific choreography
by Schuh and Christina Lazo...and above all - a terrific cast.  This show is a case where
the phrase "Outstanding Ensemble Production" is an appropriate description.

...splendid performance by Weston as Lockstock."  Keith Kreitman,
San Mateo Times
"(The Palo Alto Players') best production...of recent memory.

Cameron Weston (is) a charming force for order who also provides an amusing ongoing
gloss on the structure of musical playwriting."  John Angell Grant,
Palo Alto Daily News
Red Hot and Blue! - 42nd Street Moon
"De-cidedly De-lightful!...Check out Red Hot & Blue! where silliness resolutely prevails
in this escapist tribute to bygone days."  Tom W. Kelly,
San Francisco Bay Times
"Let logic go out the window and enjoy the singing and puns that had New Yorkers
laughing in 1936...Klea Blackhurst brings down the house."  Richard Connema,
What's Wrong with Angry? - The New Conservatory Theatre
"Cameron Weston  successfully suffuses his role with warm sincerity."

"Director John Dixon works well with his cast and garners emotionally resonant
performances from each."  Tom W. Kelly,
San Francisco Bay Times
"Cameron Weston  gives a stirring performance as teacher/friend to Steven."  Lee
Shakespeare in Hollywood - TheatreWorks
"Shakespeare in Hollywood is the funniest farce I have seen since A Funny Thing..., and
that was over 40 years ago...(it) has an outstanding cast of actors.  ...The play is about
the best fun you will have in a long time."  Keith Kreitman,
Los Altos Town Crier
"A seductive production"  John Angell Grant, San Mateo Daily News
"The company's lively production values make it all the easier for the solid cast to bring
laughter and a little wistfulness to (Ken) Ludwig's Hollywood."  Marianne Messina,
"The cast does a bang-up job."  Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News
Bye-Bye, bin Laden! - Custom Made Theatre Company
"(A) smartly written, consistently funny and well-acted romp."  Robert Avila, San Francisco
Bay Guardian

Robert Avila and the Guardian also named Bye-Bye, bin Laden! one of the top five Bay
Area  premieres of 2004!
"As George W.,  Cameron Weston sings with a powerful voice and cleverly delivers some
horrific Bush-isms."  Tom W. Kelly,
San Francisco Bay Times
"Cameron Weston as The Prez (was a) standout in the cast."  Lee Hartgrave,
Dirty Blonde - The New Conservatory Theatre
"This is a refreshing revival of what Claudia Shear, the author must have envisioned.  The
actors are a thousand notches above the touring show.  Cameron Weston, who plays
several different characters is a terrific actor.  I tell you - these three actors made me feel
like I was watching a cast of thousands.  The brilliant portrayals by them make this the
season's best laugh out loud comedy.

"Rating - Four glasses of champagne!!!  A recipient of The Lee Hartgrave Fame Award for
Best Revival"  Lee Hartgrave,
SF Spectrum and
Plus, a couple months after the show closed, we got another nice mention:
"Dirty Blonde has opened in London with the original Dirty Blonde Claudia Shear.  That's
nice - but nothing can compare to the production that was at the New Conservatory
Theater this year.  Far superior to Shear's version."  Lee Hartgrave,
SF Spectrum and
"Director Doyle Ott has assembled three very talented actors and helms a very tight
excellent-paced production.  Cameron Weston has great skill in playing various roles.  He
makes a very good Joe Frisco, a crusty ex-vaudeville star and caretaker of Mae during her
recluse period, the actress's first husband Frank Wallace and, in a terrific fey performance,
as Edward, Ms. West's confidante."  Richard Connema,
"Fun, fun, fun theatre...Delightful performances and good directing...make the most of a
pleasantly peculiar script...Handsome Cameron Weston sings, dances and acts a wide
variety of supporting roles."  Tom Kelly,
San Francisco Bay Times  
"Cameron Weston displays versatility in his...characterizations of numerous characters,
including West's only husband."  Richard Dodds,
The Bay Area Reporter
"The show is touching and delightful...and even more intimate because of the small theatre -
a bonus that gives the play an enhanced vitality and immediacy...Shear's play is a
delightfully funny piece that probably provides more moments of laughter than it does tears.  
It's just that you remember the touching romance so much more vividly."  Pat Craig,
Contra Costa Times
"Cameron Weston both looked the parts and was convincing in all the roles.  It would have
been interesting to see him in the male lead."  Merle Yost,
The East Bay Voice
A Little Night Music - Goat Hall Productions
"This production delivers a fine night of theatre"  Eric Barnes, San Francisco Observer
"Cameron Weston is winningly appealing...capturing the magic not always apparent in the
printed page."  Mark Alburger, Editor,
21st Century Music
"Everyone in the cast was good, and some were exceptional. Weston's middle-aged
attorney -- the actor has spent time in the grey stretches of the business world -- was
perfectly etched."  Michael McDonagh,
Rocket Girl - Thunderbird Theatre Company
"Rocket Girl...boisterously overwhelms the modest-sized stage.  (The Company) beats up
on each other and spew space-adventure techno-speak with the conviction of a Royal
Shakespeare Company trouper.  They're a real blast."   Leslie Katz,
The Examiner
Cameron Weston
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Teachings of the Disgusting and Awful
"With Teachings of the Disgusting and Awful Alex Bernstein emerges as a director and
screenwriter to watch. His edgy comedy surprises as it dances along the border of
disgusting, awful and truly inspired.”  Chad Jones,
Oakland Tribune
"Funny, really well written and smart...Across the board story, acting and directing are spot
on."  Don R. Lewis,
Something About Death - SF Stageworks
"A worthy night of theatre!"

Life is Short:  "This play is hilarious and touching on the same page.  Brilliant script,
brilliant performances.”  

Zachary Zwillinger Eats People:  "The tango that Mary Waterfield and Cameron
Weston do to "Por Una Cabeza" - think
True Lies - is worth a separate ticket fee."       
Jean Bartlett,
Pacifica Tribune
Annie Get Your Gun - Broadway By The Bay
Cameron Weston, as Bill's sidekick Charlie, supplies most of the humor with his double
takes and mobile facial expressions. Kedar K. Adour,
Theatreworld Internet Magazine
Supporting players are also noteworthy....especially Cameron Weston as Charlie
Davenport, manager of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.   The show is terrific.  Judy Richter,
Aisle Say San Francisco
Broadway by the Bay hits musical target with Annie Get Your Gun.

John Duggan provides some dignified comic relief as Chief Sitting Bull, and Cameron
Weston as company manager Charlie Davenport and John Musgrave as Buffalo Bill are
fine straight men amid the musical merriment.  

If you hear people talking about Broadway by the Bay’s Annie Get Your Gun, and they say
it’s wonderful. Darn tootin’, they’re right.  Chad Jones,
Oakland Tribune
A New Brain - Custom Made Theatre Company
A New Brain is an uplifting, funny and adult musical about finding the light at the end of a
very dark tunnel...  Cameron Weston is especially preppy with great vocal chops in "I'd
Rather be Sailing"  Richard Connema,

Richard Connema also named A New Brain one of the top ten regional musicals for 2008!
Cameron Weston (Roger), who would rather be sailing, is a good reason that this should
be a huge summer smash hit.  Terrific acting, and singing!

They got this one right.  Rating:  Four Glasses of Champagne!!! (highest rating)   Lee
The ensemble is strong and enthusiastic with some standout coval talents handling the
tricky and often challenging melodies in Finn's score.  Cameron Weston as Gordon's
lover Roger is anybody's dreamboat while singing his solo "I'd Rather Be Sailing", and in
duet numbers with his partner their voices blend well.  Linda Ayres-Frederick,
Francisco Bay Times
Crazy For You - Broadway By The Bay
Who needs Broadway in New York when we have Broadway by the Bay? terrific
production of
Crazy For You.  

This review could be written in one sentence:  I'm crazy about
Crazy For You.  I find it
difficult to believe that any better regional theater production of this musical can be done
elsewhere.   Keith Kreitman,  
San Mateo Daily Journal
Broadway By The Bay's Crazy For You will make you gaga for Gershwin.  

A real crowd-pleaser, from the sprightly toe-tapping overture to the Ziegfeld
Follies-inspired finale.  Joanne Englehardt,
Contra Costa Times
Broadway By The Bay's Crazy For You is a perfectly sane adventure.

A fabulous splish-splash of stirring dancing and singing...Cameron Weston as Lank
Hawkins offers an enviable performance with Lank's persistent rivalry to have Polly for

Bravo, most definitely!  Cyndi Caldwell,
Pacifica Tribune
Seven 2009 BATCC Nominations!
One 2008 BATCC Nomination!
One 2005 BATCC Nomination! and win - Klea Blackhurst, Leading Actress in a
The Who's Tommy - Ray of Light Theatre
The Who's Tommy:  Sense-sational!!  ...pulse-pounding rhythms, stunning voices and
heavenly stage pictures.

(As) Mrs. Walker, Emily Wade Adams has a voice you wish would never stop as does
handsome Cameron Weston (Captain Walker).

Director Shane Ray creates gorgeous visuals that hit the ground running.  Highly
recommended for...well...everyone!  This is one of those rare theatrical experiences
where all the elements work together wonderfully.  If you only see one musical this year, I'd
suggest this one!  
The Who's Tommy...Wow!  Tom W. Kelly, San Francisco Bay Times
Nine 2009 BATCC Nominations!
Ray of Light presented an excellent production of Pete Townsend's The Who's Tommy at
the Victoria Theatre.  

Cameron Weston and Emily Wade Adams are outstanding as Tommy's parent
s. Both sing
forcefully "Twenty One" and "Go to the Mirror Boy."

Ellyn Marie Marsh's choreography is electrifying. It sometimes resembles Twyla Tharp's
work. The tornado-driven dancers and rock musicians are dazzling and full of energy...
Shane Ray's direction is sharp and full of life.
  Richard Connema,
Pete Townshend’s score (book by Des McAnuff)...has some great tunes: “Pinball Wizard,”
“See Me, Feel Me,” “I’m Free” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”  The cast and hard-working
musicians do them justice.

Emily Wade Adams, Cameron Weston and Manuel Caneri nicely round out the cast as
Tommy’s family...Ray of Light rocks
Tommy!   Leslie Katz, The Examiner
Shane Ray directed The Who's Tommy with an eye for fast-paced precision and it paid
off tremendously.
  Ellyn Marie Marsh's energetic choreography was of particular
 Her seamless work filled in what the narrative obscured, giving the show a
vibrant, dynamic and specific framework that illuminated and elevated the music.
Director, Ben Prince, was not merely a passive figure furnishing underscoring, but a
presence on stage.
 His vocal guidance to the other musicians gave this production a very
appreciated sense of communality; that they were all in this together commanding the story.

This show is wonderful...go see it if you can.  Richard Ciccarone,
...a remarkably solid, no-frills production of an electrifying piece that shows a generation
raised on watered-down imitators like "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Hair" what a real rock
opera is like.   S
am Hurwitt, Marin Independent Journal
The Who's Tommy is a roof-raising musical explosion based on The Who’s acclaimed
1969 concept album, now celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. This exhilarating story of hope,
healing and the human spirit is filled with iconic hit songs like “Pinball Wizard”, “See Me,
Feel Me”, “Acid Queen”, and more. A gripping story and an amazing cast make Tommy an
eye-opening, must-see musical theatre event.  
San Francisco Sentinel