Height:  6' 1"
Weight:  175
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Dark Brown/Gray
Film (representative listing)
Teachings of the Disgusting and
 Awful                                                             Glenn (lead)                                         Teachings Productions / Alex Bernstein
Phoenix Rising                                                Mr. Olivina (lead)                                Rude Dog Productions / Miriam Schalit
Hell House                                                        Chris (featured)                                 Digital Shadow Films / Jason Morris
Support                                                             Minister Jones (featured)               C'est Si Bon Productions / Brad Cooreman
In Search of Lovecraft                                   Nigel (featured)                                  HohloGraphic Productions / David Hohl
Eye on You                                                        Brennan Stark (lead)                        Levitation Films / Anjan Lall
The Art of Etiolation                                       Joe Edsall (featured)                         Chaotic Heart Productions / Mia Paschal
Banana Brothers                                            Bill (featured)                                      Ocean Media International / Girija Shankar

Party of Six                                                       Clint (featured)                                  Durable Goods / Jen Kollmer
Forty                                                                    Kevin (lead)                                       PTPT Productions / Gerald LaBuda
Get Big Fast                                                       Crispin Falk (lead)                           truefalsefilms / Ron Martinez
Artifact                                                               Tim (lead)                                           Whirlwind / Raymond Ocampo
The Tracks                                                        Miguel (featured)                             Red Eclipse Productions / Darrius Nelson
Dumping Gretchen                                          Mr. Huntingdon (featured)             Vision Pictures / Amit Gupta
Innocent Lie                                                      Interviewer (featured)                    Groove Productions / Sun Tae Hwang   
WakeUP                                                             Rick (featured)                                felisous / Darren Vogel
Server(ed)                                                         Brian (lead)                                       Whiteout Films / Luke Asa Guidici
La Mort du Realite                                           Doctor (featured)                            Kronkwannamite / Tran Lieu
Morning Coffee                                                Jared Miller (lead)                            Movie Mavericks / Chris Miller
Scar                                                                    Mike (featured)                                 Flash Productions / Jessica Wu    
Legally Blonde                                              Professor Callahan                       Palo Alto Players / Dan Demers
Lips Together, Teeth Apart                       John Haddock                                New Conservatory Theatre / Dennis Lickteig
Parade                                                           Hugh Dorsey                                    Palo Alto Players / Dennis Lickteig
The Who's Tommy                                      Captain Walker                               Ray of Light Theatre Company / Shane Ray
Crazy For You                                               Lank Hawkins                                  Broadway By The Bay / Brooke Knight
A New Brain                                                  Roger                                                 Custom Made Theatre / Brian Katz
Annie Get Your Gun                                     Charlie Davenport                           Broadway By The Bay / Alex Perez
Something About Death                             Zachary, others                              SF Stageworks / Michael Davison, others
Shopping!  The Musical                              Man #1                                              AWAT Productions / Morris Bobrow
Urinetown                                                      Officer Lockstock                          Palo Alto Players / Greg Schuh
The Debt                                                         Greg                                                   Unidentified Theatre Co. / Christopher Jenkins
Red, Hot & Blue!                                            Senator Del Grasso/                      42nd Street Moon / Greg MacKellen
                                                                         Flap-Ears Mitelli
What's Wrong with Angry?                        Simon Hutton                                   New Conservatory Theatre / John Dixon
Shakespeare in Hollywood                         Ensemble, u/s Oberon,                 TheatreWorks / Robert Kelley
                                                                         Warner, Reinhardt
Bye-Bye, bin Laden!                                      George W. Bush                             Custom Made Theatre / Brian Katz
A Broadway Gala                                          soloist                                               Ray of Light Theatre Company / Shane Ray
Dirty Blonde                                                   Joe Frisco, etc.                                New Conservatory Theatre / Doyle Ott
A Little Night Music                                      Fredrik                                               Goat Hall Productions / Harriet March Page
Animal Opera                                                Benjamin                                           Goat Hall Productions / Mark Alburger
A Funny Thing...Forum                                 Senex                                                 Bethany Theatre Project / Dexter Fidler
Rocket Girl                                                      Megapong V & VI                            Thunderbird Theatre Company / Jason Harding
Theatre - Staged Readings
It's Murder, Mary!                                        Donald Harris-Smith                       New Conservatory Theatre / Andrew Nance
It's Murder, Mary!                                        Donald Harris-Smith                       The Playwrights' Center / Adena DeMonte
Steady with the Maestro                           Arthur Wynne                                   The Playwrights' Center / Mark Gagne
The Last Nice Guy                                       Tony Martini                                      The Playwrights' Center / Brian Katz
The Girl in the Back Seat                          Jerry Joe                                            Gold From Straw Theatre / Aaron Schmookler
Symantec                                                    Naked IT Guy                                    B. Hamady Productions
ClearLab                                                      Contact Lens Consumer              The Kenwood Group
Blackstone Winery                                   Interviewer                                       Moxie Method
SKYY Vodka                                                Interviewer                                       Moxie Method
Mock Trial                                                    Defendant                                        Int'l Association of Defense Council
GAP                                                                Practical Consumer                      Lee Media Group
Mock Trial                                                    Plaintiff                                             State Bar of California
Verisity                                                         Extreme Makeover Subject         Critical Mass Media
ALZA Corporation                                      Business Executive                       Charles Group
Ritz-Carlton                                                 Business Guest                               Arbor Productions
Carey Chauffeured Services                  Business Traveler                          Arbor Productions
Conflicts available upon request
Private Voice
John Ford                                                                                                                San Francisco
Christopher McGahan                                                                                          Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Joie Landeaux Actng Studio
Acting for Film & Television - Film Techniques                                             Joie Landeaux
Acting for Film & Television - Advanced Film Acting                                   Joie Landeaux

Studio A.C.T. (San Francisco):
Musical Theatre Vocal Ensemble                                                                     Krista Wigle
Monologue Basics                                                                                                Brent St. Clair
Audition Prep for Singers                                                                                   Francie Epsen Devlin
Singing I                                                                                                                  Eva Victoria

Bay Area Theatresports (BATS):
Beginning Series Improv                                                                                    Diane Rachel
Special Skills
Dialects:  New York, American Southern, British.  Singing, improvisation, TelePrompTer, characters, writing (novel).  
Tennis (all-state), darts, baseball, softball, swimming, football.  MBA:  Cornell University.  And I can put my entire fist in
my mouth.  
Man, Moment, Machine
Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb     Paul Tibbits (featured)                     Edelman Productions / History Channel
Edison and the Electric Chair                  dinner guest (featured)                   Edelman Productions / History Channel
Unbelievable Mysteries
Reaction to Art                                            greedy jogger (featured)                 Duo Creative Communications
Cameron Weston