Possessed by a demon in Hell House.
Artificial tattoo of a phoenix done for, appropriately, the
Phoenix Rising
A couple Urinetown cast photos
As Officer Lockstock in Urinetown (with
Vanessa Weinfield as Little Sally)
Production still from the upcoming horror film
In Search of Lovecraft.
Photo by Todd Hartman
Couple of pictures of me in the cockpit of my
B-29 on the set of the History Channel series
Man, Moment, Machine
A mock poster and magazine advertisement for the CA
State Bar 'Champions of the Courtroom' symposium I
participated in as the plaintiff.  They stuck my head on
someone else's body...but you totally can't tell.  Har...
As George W. Bush, with Tracy Moore as the
'wild, untamable Jenna' in
Bye-Bye, bin Laden!
As Joe Frisco (with Stephanie Temple as Mae West)
in a publicity shot for
Dirty Blonde.  Photo by Lois Tema
As Fredrik onstage in A Little Night Music (with Brian Rosen)
Photos by Greg DeLory
As Kevin in Forty
As Rick in WakeUP
As Miguel in The Tracks
As Tim in Artifact
Small shot of what I look
like with a full beard
My old headshot
Cameron Weston
As Simon Hutton onstage in What's Wrong
With Angry?
Photo by Larry Legere
As Charlie Davenport in Annie Get Your Gun.   Below with
Virginia Wilcox, John Musgrave and John Duggan
As Lank Hawkins in Crazy For You.   Below with Erica Wyman and the cast.   Photos by Mary Kitaoka.
Zak Franczak as Tommy, with the cast
Paul Plain as Uncle Ernie
Leanne Borghesi as The Acid Queen
With Emily Wade Adams, Chris Yorro and Amanda Dolan
Some shots of me with the cast of Parade.  I
cannot describe how much I love this show.
Shots of Tommy - The Musical
Some shots of me with the cast of Parade.  I
cannot describe how much I love this show.
As John Haddock in Lips Together, Teeth Apart
As Professor Callahan with the
Legally Blonde cast