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Welcome to Cameron's Website!

I'm glad you stopped by!  On this site you can learn about me as an
actor and the various projects I've worked on.  Please browse my site
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Cameron Weston
As you might guess from the covers, both are horror movies.  You can read an interview I gave to writer
Owen Keehnen who runs
Racks and Razors , a horror movie website.   
That's all for now!  Thanks for visiting, and feel free to visit my Facebook page and say hi!
In movie news, I just had an audition for the upcoming Woody Allen movie filming in SF.  Ain't gonna
happen, but it's kind of exciting to be asked to audition (they called me).   Major bragging rights with the
family.  :-)  
In Search of Lovecraft is also out.  These are the DVD covers for
both movies.

I'm sure you can probably get it in other places, but the easiest place
to find it is probably Amazon.com as well.
 Click here for the link.
It's been way, way too long since I've updated my site, but I have to tell everyone about my current
production of Terrance McNally's  
Lips Together, Teeth Apart at the New Conservatory.  Surprisingly (at
least to me), this is the San Francisco premiere of this great play

From Terrence McNally, the Tony Award-winning author of Master Class and Frankie and Johnny in the
Clair de Lune comes Lips Together, Teeth Apart. The dramatic comedy centers on two straight couples
spending the Fourth of July weekend together in the gay community of Fire Island after one of them inherits
a house from a brother who died of AIDS. As parties rage on around them, the four characters try
desperately to amuse themselves with food, cocktails, charades and crosswords puzzles. Underneath the
surface, however, their inner monologues reveal feelings of isolation and alienation that spill over into
barbed remarks aimed both at each other and the boys next door.

This is the first non-musical I've done in, what, six years maybe?  It's kind of frightening but I'm excited and
I'm having a great time.

You can go to the New Conservatory website for details and tickets by clicking
IYou can still purchase the DVDs of two of the films I  appeared in.  Hell
House is also available on Netflix or at your local rental place, and you
can also buy it
here at Amazon.com.